DUHC Chevra Kadisha

Founded in 1893, the Chevra Kadisha has devotedly served the Durban community for more than a century, performing Judaism’s important mitzvah of ensuring that every Orthodox Jew receives a dignified burial.
All funerals are conducted under the spiritual leadership of Dr. Rabbi Pinchas Zekry who has served the Durban United Hebrew Congregation since 1984. He is ably assisted by Rabbi Gilad Friedman.

Unlike other Chevra Kadisha organisations in South African, the Durban Chevra Kadisha is comprised entirely of dedicated woman and men volunteers.

The Durban Chevra Kadisha assist and advise the bereaved in all aspects of funerals from collections, to burial and tombstone consecration and at the same time takes care of all the necessary government forms and documentation.


They are responsible for the maintenance of the Redhill, Stellawood and the historic Brooke Street Cemeteries. The latter which is situated in central Durban where the victims of the Ladysmith Train Disaster were laid to rest in 1899.

There are monthly-fixed costs that are incurred, including salaries and wages, maintenance of the lawns, insurance, security and electricity. This excludes ad hock maintenance and repairs, where we fundraise for these separately.

Due to the Durban Chevra Kadisha being a non-profit organization we rely totally on donations. On our website we have include an online donation feature, where donations can be simply made in multiple currencies.

We ask that you donate generously to ensure that the Chevra has the continued necessary financial resources to perform its holy work.


Our Benefactors

Special acknowledgement and thanks goes to the all-important benefactors, The Victor Daitz Foundation, The Beare Foundation, The JAKAMaR Trust and The Lazarus Family Trust. Their valued ongoing generous support is vital to the continuation of the work of the Chevra Kadisha.

Executive Team:

Chairman:            Sidney Lazarus
Vice Chairman:   Rabbi Gilad Friedman
Chairlady:             Caryn Meltz
Bradley Meltz, Marcel Nathan, Jeff Isaacs, Mike Sevel, Raylene Levitan, Robyn Dogan, Mike Alper & Robin Levinsohn